Why Anti-Bullying Campaigns are Important

It’s no secret, bullying has been all over the news. It has become more and more of an issue in recent years, and the costs have grown as well. Bullying has been known to lead to self-esteem issue, depression, and even suicide.

Conceivably, one of the main ways to combat this pattern is anti-bullying campaigns. If people see their favorite celebrities on the commercial promoting this issue, they might take it a little more serious.

It’s important for all of us to be aware of bullying and how we might be able to coach our kids, especially authoritative figures and parents. I think a lot of parents aren’t quite sure this type of thing is going on, or how to help. When your child is away at school all day, it can be a very helpless feeling knowing they might be getting bullied, and you can’t help.

To be able to mobilize through campaigns and spread awareness will help us come up with effective strategies to combat bullying, it will also allow us to properly support those who are being bullied.

I think this issue should be treated like any other widespread, serious issues. A mayor from California recently stated in a speech that kids should learn to “grow a pair.” This old style way of thinking just isn’t conducive to the current status of bullying around the world. It should also be noted that it’s quite tough for an 11 year old girl to “grow a pair.” I don’t think the proper strategy to combat bullying would include transformation of gender.

Regardless of what strategy you think is best, the important thing is for everyone to be aware so we can go from there. However, we would like to know what steps you are taking to support or prevent bullying with your child. Feel free to share below.

Effective Strategies to Stop Bullying

Most of us are aware that bullying is still alive and well. A lot of the time it is because we have been bullied ourselves. Or maybe we have a child that has been bullied.

So now that we are aware that bullying exists, and it may happen to your child. What is the next step? There are a few different strategies that you can do to help stop it, or at the very least, help support your child going forward.

1. Build Confidence: It’s important that your child has a high self-esteem. The more self-esteem they have, the more likely they will take bullying in stride or brush it off. You can do this by having your child exercise, play sports, build their intellect, and spend a lot of time with them showing them the ropes.

2. Extracurricular Activities: If your child is involved in a bunch of extracurricular activities it will give them a chance to make friends, be included in more social circles, and it will also aid in building confidence. it will give them a chance to fill their extra time with fun, games, sports, learning, etc. instead of being at home. it ‘s definitely a way to raise a well-rounded child that will be less prone to bullying.

3. Self-Defense: Some parents agree and some disagree, but I think self-defense classes are great for children. It has numerous benefits including confidence building, self-discipline, and if needed, self-defense against bullies. If your child is put in a situation where they are going to be physically assaulted, it is best they know some sort of defense.

4. Support: Regardless of outcomes, it’s always important to have a strong family circle. You child needs to know that even if they are bullied, they are still loved by their family. This will never leave them with the feeling they don’t belong.

5 Tips to Prevent Theft at School

Theft at school isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we have safe school programs now. Kids love to bring their new, expensive items to school and show them off, but they usually don’t have the sense to secure them properly. This leaves us parents left to buy multiple iPhones, digital cameras, iPods, gaming devices, etc.

I have put together a list of things that you can do to help keep your child’s items secure. If you keep your child’s items secure, you are also securing your own finances.

First, you’re going to want to try to make sure your child keeps most of their items at home. This can be difficult because they are very adamant about bringing their new items to school and showing their friends. One way you can help this is by allowing their friends to come over more often, even on school nights. You can tell your kid to invite their friends over after school to play their games or take pictures with their new camera and Nikon lens (at least my kids do; they’re little photographers!).

Second, put a tracking device on your child’s expensive belongings. You can buy them in bulk sometimes, and it will help you keep track of them in case on of them shows up missing.

Lastly, make your child work a bit for the device. If they put their own hard work into purchasing the item, it will make them appreciate it a lot more. This will help them secure it at school and not just leave it laying around waiting to be stolen. It also helps create a pattern of responsibility with the kid, if they know the value of a dollar, they will be much more well-rounded in the future.

Thanks for reading! We are always looking to improve our tips for anti-theft. If you have anything you would like to add. Please feel free to leave a comment for us!

After-School Activities that Help Combat Bullying

We’ve mentioned plenty of after school activities that your child can get into, but they are all pretty common. I have put together a list of after school activities that are not so common, but will still serve the same purposes.

1. Science-Fiction Writing: Science-Fiction will arguably trigger more areas of the brain than any other genre of fiction. It will allow your child to build a vast intellect and imagination. If they accomplish something like this, it will give them confidence in other areas as well.

2. Organizing Blood Drives: I think any type of activity where a kid is benefiting the community is a win. Of course, I’m biased because I used to be a phlebotomist, and as a phlebotomist in Chicago, I can tell you we never had enough donors at our drives. A blood drive would help the child be involved in the community, make friends in the community, thus have community support if any bullying issues ever arise.

3. Film Class: Films are an excellent way to expand the child’s mind. They can teach a child a lot about the world, while providing some practical knowledge (depending on the film). This is also another way for the kid to build a hobby, be involved in the community, and make friends and build a social circle. These are all things that help combat bullying.

4. Nursing Home: Spending time with elderly is an excellent way for your kid to be involved in the community and help people out as well. This will help your child build confidence and become a better, more well-rounded person. If your child is more well-rounded and confident, they will be more likely to take bullying in stride and brush it off. They will be able to rise above it and surround them selves with a strong foundation of friends, family, and community members.

If we have left anything out, please feel free to let us know. Also, let us know what your child is doing with their free time!

My Idea for an Anti-Bullying Watch

With all of the fears that parents face with their kids, I think it’s fair to say the number one fear is their child not coming home. These days there are a number of things that can occur that would make that fear a reality, but one of the biggest things would be bullying. It has been know to go as far as death.

For this reason, I have an idea for an anti-bullying watch. This watch could be any brand and would have a number of features:

1. GPS: This is a no-brainer, but it needs to be said (for marketing purposes). The watch would have a GPS tracking device on it that would help you keep track of your child when they are walking home from school, or out with friends. This would let you track it from your computer or phone and make sure they aren’t anywhere they shouldn’t be or stuck in a place too long.

2. Alarms: This watch would have two separate alarms: one alarm would be for the parents and the other would be for the police. This would act as a life line. If they ran into a small issue where they just needed to be picked up because some thing didn’t seem right, they could buzz you. If they were in a more serious situation, they could buzz the police, which could also use the GPS tracker to find the children.

3. Walkie Talkie: The walkie talkie on the watch would allow your child to communicate with you if they didn’t have time to pull out their cell phone and make a call. They could just press a button that would call out to your phone and they could tell you if they were in a suspicious situation or if they were lost.

All of these features can server multiple purposes, but they would help get out of situations where they might be harmed by bullies.