Alberta Jersey Framing Professionals: (Owned By..)

If your looking for any kind jersey framing for your company or for a personal jersey then we recommend you contact our parent company. At PROJS – Professional Jersey Solutions they specialize in framing jerseys and sports memorabilia and are the best in the city. Don’t take our word for it, go to their testimonials page and see what clients have to say about them! Built on a strong foundation, they continue to help grow this custom sports jersey framing community as a whole. They not only help local Edmonton residents but they also help custom Calgary jersey framing customers and even smaller cities and towns in Alberta. Owned locally in Edmonton, they have expanded across Alberta and continue to help Albertan’s with any kind of jersey need that they may have.

Custom Sports Jersey Enthusiasts

We have found that when you have staff that have a passion for not only art framing but for sports and jerseys as well then you really have the perfect combination which creates happy customers. Here at BCCSSC Art Gallery and the Professionals over at PROJS, we understand this very essential attribute which really helps us create the best results that the jersey framing community has ever seen, just take a look at our gallery and what we have done in the past.

We thank all the clients and customers who were wiling to share their pieces with the community so other people can see what is possible for their own piece to share ideas and uplift the custom framing community together. If you are interested in getting your jersey custom framed then make sure to go to our contact page, click the small three lines in the top left corner for the form or just submit a message on their free quote form, we will make sure you get all your questions answered, speak to you soon!


Custom Made Fine Art And Model Framing Give You What?

Custom made fine art framing gives you the chance to further improve any kind of part that will you need to figure and also build a design that will match the place that the art will likely be inserted. Indoor models generally employ customized fine art surrounding to deliver completing variations for their works of art in…

Picture And Jersey Framing History

The historical backdrop of picture and jersey framing confining does a reversal about 2000 years in the Egyptian period, who confined photos of their mummies to incorporate in their tombs. Then again, not withstanding its somewhat ghastly beginnings, surrounding our most loved bits of craftsmanship has gone from quality to even higher quality. From the amazingly…

Getting your art custom framed online

Getting your art custom framed. Getting you art custom framed is a pretty easy thing do to. There are many websites that you can browse for these kinds of things, such as our custom framing service. Find out the size of your photo so you’ll be sure to get the right fit. There are also photo…